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The band was founded in 2006. Our musiacal style is quite rare for Russia - Neo-Progressive Rock.

Main elements of KOSMOS music are: polyphony, sounds of 70-s vintage keyboards (Mellotron, Moog, B-3), archaic sound design, use of guitars and choirs.

By present time KOSMOS is a studio-based band.

By December, 2006 a demo version of our debut album "On The Milky Way" has been finished. All tracks are available for download free of charge from our site, because the art belongs to people, not to record companies. Lyrics are available as well. Song lyrics are mostly about deep space voyages and adventures.

Some people ask: why in russian? Because we are from Russia and there are lots of russians here and around the world. But there are very few russian prog-rock bands, and most of them sing in english. It is not fair! Of course we do not make our music for russians only, but we do not plan to make english translations of our songs, at least not now.

Now we work on the material for new album, which will hopefully be released this year.


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